The Story Behind Mean Mug Auto

Generic auto parts aren’t enough anymore. They lack the durability and reliability you need to fix your vehicle with confidence.

Mean Mug Auto was founded on the principle that aftermarket auto parts needed to be cost-effective, long lasting, and at least OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality.

It all started when two brothers (James & John) worked together at a high-end auto body shop.

John, considered to be one of the top body guys in the area, was extremely concerned with the quality of his body work. He wanted the finished job to be as close to perfect as possible. He wasn’t willing to accept anything less…even if that meant ONLY using OEM parts.

As you can imagine, customers were very happy with the work done on their vehicles.

James, new to the auto body industry, worked directly with John to learn the craft. He learned how to bring damaged vehicles back to life just like his brother.


Soon after James joined the automotive industry, he saw his first work order.

He was shocked when he saw the cost of OEM parts.

“How could this be?” He thought.

He immediately found John and asked him why the OEM parts cost so much. After all, he knew aftermarket parts were less expensive. Why did John rarely use generic aftermarket auto parts?

John explained that he couldn’t find a brand of aftermarket auto parts that he could rely on. There were too many companies selling inconsistent “generic” auto parts. He wasn’t willing to take a chance with the customer at risk.

This gave James an idea.

What if the two of them started an aftermarket auto parts company?

They could hand pick the manufacturers, ensure OEM quality or better, and help others get reliable aftermarket auto parts. James knew they could save their customers money while maintaining the quality of their work.

Mean Mug Auto was born. And, now we’re a fast growing online auto parts retailer!


Why settle for anything less than the best?

You already know that OEM auto parts command a premium spot in the automotive industry. And, rightfully so. But, do you really need to pay premium prices when you can get the same parts for a fraction of the cost?

We didn’t think so either.

Cheap doesn’t always mean a good deal though. We made the choice to be a retailer of consistent, high-quality aftermarket auto parts without being the cheapest.

You see…our manufacturers fully test each auto part against the OEM, including: electrical, fluid flow, durability, vehicle fitment, etc. Performance must match/beat the OEM or the part doesn’t ship.

Then, we take our time to inspect each part as soon as they arrive at our New York warehouse. Inspection includes: OEM comparison, electrical connectivity (where applicable), and general fitment requirements.

Once the auto parts pass inspection, they get the official Mean Mug Auto label.


Can you rely on generic auto parts sold by everyone else?

Here’s the thing…we take full responsibility for ALL auto parts you purchase from us. Whether it’s the official Mean Mug Auto brand or one of the many other brands in our catalog, you can be sure that we’ll take care of you.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason…no problem!

We offer a full 60 day money-back guarantee and, at minimum, a one year warranty on all of our products. Not even big chain retailers can compete because there’s nothing to lose when you do business with us.

In fact, we ship most online orders the same day or early the next morning (if you ordered the night before). And, we do our best to keep our inventory fully stocked so you can fix your vehicle as soon as possible.

Remember, we’re also auto enthusiasts who work on cool projects every day. We work directly with auto body shops, customers, insurance companies, and manufacturers to provide top-notch custom and collision work.

If you have any automotive related questions…please contact us today! We’ll do our best to answer any questions you have and work with you to fix your vehicle.

Mean Mug Auto…we’re not mean, we’re TOUGH.

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