Mean Mug Auto 21149-23819F Windshield Washer Hose I Y T Splitter Connector Multi-Pack (10 Total Pieces) - Universal

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  • Precision-engineered to fit snuggly in between your vehicle's washer hoses.
  • Efficiently allows washer fluid to pass through the hoses and up through the nozzles.
  • Ruggedly built to last years with your vehicle. Just replace your old hose splitters / connectors and never think about it again.
  • Interchangeable with most windshield washer hoses to affordably fix your vehicle.
  • Here's what you'll receive: 10x windshield washer hose connectors (2 of each of the 5 styles), with warranty.


I-Y-T-Splitter & Connector Multi-Pack for Windshield Washer Hoses

Tired of leaks and having to pay now and then for new connectors /splitters? No worries, anymore!

Built to last, our high-quality windshield washer hose splitter connectors will make leaks history.

Made of durable material that is temperature, tear & shock resistant. These robust I-Y-T splitters/ connectors are a hybrid of seamless installation and easy operation.

Precision Engineered

Engineered to fit smoothly in between your vehicle’s washer hoses; ensuring a smooth and flawless installation. Plus, they're Interchangeable with most windshield washer hoses to perfectly fit any vehicle, so rest assured.

Temperature resistant, these hose splitter /connectors efficiently facilitate the flow of fluid through the hoses, and up through the nozzles; ensuring an exquisitely uninterrupted flaw.

Long Lasting Durability

Mean Mug Auto windshield washer hose I-Y-T splitters/connectors are ruggedly built to last for years, at a very affordable price. So, it's the perfect blend of highly-quality and affordable price.

To save you the hassle & time of having to change your connectors now and then, this one will stay for years.

Coming in a 10 piece pack to meet all your needs. These connectors /splitters are guaranteed to give you durability and high quality.

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